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Digital Harvest will transform agriculture with actionable data

We are thrilled to welcome K3 Ventures and Investible as our newest investors!

We will accelerate our entry into Asia and further development of our products.

Digital Harvest, has developed a combined biophysical and machine learning model of sugarcane farming that can forecast yield and optimize the harvesting schedules.

MX (Meng Xiong) Kuok, Founder and Managing Partner at K3 Ventures said “For the past few years, Digital Harvest has been laser-focused on solving a crop-specific, highly complex and seemingly unsolvable problems of predicting and optimizing sugar cane yield at a field level. With a first-principles approach and through engineering grit, their solution has now demonstrated real-world success with a number of customers and industry partners. We believe Digital Harvest has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the efficiency of our food system, especially in a time of uncertainty around global food supply.”

Investible, having recently launched a dedicated Climate Tech fund, brings both sector expertise and connections to markets across Southeast Asia. Patrick Sieb, Co-Head of Investible’s Climate Tech Fund notes what attracted the firm to Digital Harvest.

“We particularly liked Digital Harvest’s approach of specializing in a single crop—sugarcane—to start with. The company has leveraged this specific approach to begin validating the product's ability to scale across other specific crops. They’ve partnered with one of the largest players in the world, giving them access to invaluable data and enabling them to develop a product that directly solves the industry’s real pain points,” he said

Young Kim, CEO of Digital Harvest said, “During the last 3 years, we have taken the science of sugarcane specific analytics and turned it into discrete data solutions addressing problems the industry thought were unsolvable. We are now well positioned for global growth with K3’s and Investible’s timely investment. They join our existing Korea based investor Translink and US based Thinline Capital - a climate tech focused fund managed by the highly respected Aaron Fyke. As Digital Harvest enters Asia, K3’s and Investible’s network of relationships with regional business leaders will open new doors of opportunities and guide us to better serve our partners and enterprise customers in the sugarcane ecosystem. I’m truly thankful and humbled by K3’s and Investible’s belief in our vision of transforming agriculture one global crop at a time.”

Visit our website to know more about Digital Harvest's sugarcane solutions


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