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Digital Harvest is the digital agriculture solution partner for top crop producers in the United States, Latin America and Southeast Asia

We are a global provider of multi-crop data analytics solutions, committed to addressing the toughest challenges faced by our enterprise customers.

Our customers experience the transformative benefits of proven solutions and data-driven insights. We emphasize actionable results, collaboration, and mutual trust to drive success.
With deep expertise, the Digital Harvest team delivers tailored solutions that address immediate needs and long-term strategic priorities.


Profile of Digital Harvest's customers

Managing 10,000 to 150,000 hectares per location.

Experienced in using drones.

Familiar with satellite remote sensing.

Our customers have the financial resources to hire any data analytics company, yet they continue to choose Digital Harvest year after year.

Our approach

Gain insights into past field performance gaps.

Empower through sharing knowledge for customers to be self-sufficient.

Provide customized solutions with high-touch support.

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