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Our data products help manage uncertainty and risk inherent in farming, minimize impact on the environment, optimize pre-harvest inputs (labor and chemical use) and take proactive yield impacting decisions from field level to enterprise scale.

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We are Sugarcane Specific!

Sugarcane specificity enables us to solve previously unsolvable problems


No hardware!


Enables rapid global scalability


Achieve field level yield estimation accuracy of more than 90%


Predict biomass and sucrose yield


Deliver multi-year Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule


Quantify net CO2 absorption on each field

Get started on your digital journey from Knowing what happened on your fields to Knowing what should be done to improve


Our focus is sugarcane because we want to solve previously unsolvable problems of this industry


Which fields are underperforming compared to previous years so that we can take early in-season actions to improve yield?

Some important magazines are talking about us



Association and magazine based in Colombia for sugarcane mills and producers. They represent a large amount of the sugarcane industry in Colombia.


International Sugar Journal

Important international magazine, they share news, reports and information about new technologies, pricing, products.



This is the most important association and magazine in Mexico about the sugarcane industry. They also do a big convention every year in the Veracruz region.

Want to to have a sample of predictive analytics and field health monitoring over your own fields?

Register for our Sugarcane Incentive Program (SIP) and get a sample of our analytics over your own fields to see the impact we can have on your organization.

This program is open for any mill or sugarcane producer with more than 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres).

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