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We manage uncertainty in sugarcane production, minimize the impact on the environment, optimize the use of inputs, and maximize economic profit for mills and producers around the world.

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We are different! 
We are Sugarcane Specific!

Singular focus approach allows us to perform better than satellite imagery or drone companies that have a general approach.


Plant is our sensor! No hardware needed


We can achieve field level yield estimation accuracy of more than 90%


We can deliver a multi-year Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule


We can quantify net CO2 absorption on each field


We are the only company that predict biomass and sucrose yield

Get started on your digital journey from Knowing what happened on your fields to Knowing what should be done to improve

Collaborative relations with our clients from the very beginning of the digitization path all the way to the most advance, complex and customized solutions.


Data products designed for high organizational impact

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Access a 6 months weather forecast at each field to be prepared for drought season or potential floods.

Long Term Weather Forecast


Have an update on your yield estimation every 15 days at the mill, zone and even field level

Continuous Yield Estimation


Create reports to know which fields need your immediate attention due to water or vegetative stress

Water and Vegetative Health Reports


Achieve maximum yield over a 3 to 5 year harvest plan and get a 5X - 10X return on investment

Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule

Our focus is sugarcane because we want to solve previously unsolvable problems of this industry


Which fields are underperforming compared to previous years so that we can take early in-season actions to improve yield?

Our solutions can be use throughout the year by field teams, agronomists, IT departments, operational managers and corporate executives.  

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Corporate Executive

Get accurate and consistent information from field production for decision making


General Manager

Consistent and accurate predictions of the performance estimate.


Field Manager

Prioritize the most productive fields vs. less and make data-driven agronomic decisions.


Mill Manager

Prioritize mill operations knowing the daily cane volume for the season.


Field Teams

Get the most out of your field visits using remote monitoring tools.

Access our web application with continuous yield estimation throughout the year, that's right every 15 days you will get an update.
By the way, field health monitoring is also updated.

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Some important magazines are talking about us


Association and magazine based in Colombia for sugarcane mills and producers. They represent a large amount of the sugarcane industry in Colombia.

International Sugar Journal

Important international magazine, they share news, reports and information about new technologies, pricing, products.


This is the most important association and magazine in Mexico about the sugarcane industry. They also do a big convention every year in the Veracruz region.

Want to to have a sample of predictive analytics and field health monitoring over your own fields?

Register for our Sugarcane Incentive Program (SIP) and get a sample of our analytics over your own fields to see the impact we can have on your organization.

This program is open for any mill or sugarcane producer with more than 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres).

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