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Our sugarcane specific biophysical and machine learning solutions have helped mills and sugarcane producers to improve their decision effectiveness since 2014

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Digital Harvest's differentiators

We collaborate with our clients from the very beginning all the way to the most advance and complex solutions.

Digital Harvest
Improve your data quality and start your path to digitization
Mill level predictive
yield estimations
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Mill level predictive
yield estimations
Field level predictive
yield estimations
Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule
Optimization Plans (fertilization, ripener, others)
Infrastructure investment plans

Data solutions designed for high organizational impact

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Improve Data

Let us help you implement a multi-year data quality improvement plan


Detect Yield Deviations

Adjust and prioritize internal and external commitments and decisions to met your contracts


Improve Collaboration between Mill and Producers

Have a common data set available to everyone involved in the production


Identify and Quantify Yield Contributing Factors

This way you will know which factors are within and out of your control to make adjustments


Make Field Level Decisions

We offer field level data so you can make decisions with that detail to have yield improvements


Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule

Constrained with the mill's specific grind rate and can be optimize for one or multiple years

Digital Harvest has helped sugarcane mills and producers worldwide to find answers before, during and after harvest:


Which fields are not performing to expectations, so I can take early in-season actions?

Our solutions can be use throughout the year by field teams, agronomists, IT departments, operational managers and corporate executives.  

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Corporate Executive

Quantify tons of cane per day at which the mill can be operated.


General Manager

Consistent and accurate predictions of the performance estimate.


Field Manager

Prioritize the most productive fields vs. less and make data-driven agronomic decisions.


Mill Manager

Prioritize mill operations knowing the daily cane volume for the season.


Field Teams

Get the most out of your field visits using remote monitoring tools.

Get answers and solutions for your organization through reports that we create for you

Reports of your most productive fields and less productive ones

With this information you will be able to focus resources on the most productive ones and take corrective actions to improve yield in the less productive fields.


Yield curves for each one of your fields

Having this curves in advance will help you make better decisions at the field level. You can algo set up alerts for points A, B or C and get an automatic notification when that point is closer.

Identify and quantify yield contributing factors

Start to identify and quantify these kind of factor so you can know what's under your control and what's external. Use this information to improve your yield in years to come.


Have full access to our application Visible Harvest to monitor your fields health and conditions and have continuous yield estimations


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Association and magazine based in Colombia for sugarcane mills and producers. They represent a large amount of the sugarcane industry in Colombia.

International Sugar Journal

Important international magazine, they share news, reports and information about new technologies, pricing, products.


This is the most important association and magazine in Mexico about the sugarcane industry. They also do a big convention every year in the Veracruz region.

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The SIP Program is open for any mill or sugarcane producer with more than 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres).

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