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Empowering sugarcane processors and growers with proactive data-driven decision tools.

We help develop and operationalize your digital agriculture strategy.

From simple monitoring of growth stages, field and mill level yield estimations to optimizing harvest schedule, irrigation, and crop rotation plans.

Digital Harvest works with sugarcane processors and growers on 3 continents to deliver answers to questions such as:

What is the field level TCH/TCA and TSH/TSA* for the up coming harvest season?

*TSH/A: Tons of Sugar per Hectare/Acres | TCH: Tons of Cane per Hectare/Acres.

Our customers receive quantitative answers to such questions through a cloud-based web application called Visible Harvest.

Best of all, there's no need for you to install any kind of hardware in your fields nor installing a new software in your computer or IT system.

Visible Harvest includes a wide array of data analytics to help answer many of your operational and planning questions throughout the season. 

Predictive yield estimates for each field.

Monitor field health and track growth trends.

Water stress indicators.

Automatic harvest date detection.

Identify low performing fields for early in-season action.

Export field reports to share with field teams and growers.

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"Digital Harvest, Inc. is blazing a trail for the future of farming"

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Have unlimited access to Visible Harvest and its entire suite of Tier 1 toolkits that support your mill by applying for our SIP.

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