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Unlock the full yield potential for all of your fields!

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We provide crop-specific data analytics solutions that are actionable and of high economic return

What occurred?

Obtain insights into the condition of your fields with remote field monitoring data.

Why did it occur?

Gain an understanding of the reasons behind the positive or negative condition of your fields.

What is the future outcome?

Gain knowledge of future outcomes with predictive analytics, allowing you to anticipate results in advance.

What can be done now to improve the outcome?

Utilize our advanced machine learning models to develop actionable plans for the future of your organization.

We offer actionable insights for informed decisions, optimal yields, and increased returns


Focus your attention on specific fields by utilizing remote field health monitoring data, including satellite images and tabular data, to quickly identify low-performing fields across multiple indices

Ready to unlock your field's yield potential?

Register for our trial period and gain valuable insights into the returns on investment and results we can deliver for your organization.


Experience firsthand the benefits of our solution on your own fields.


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