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Has data quality been a barrier to your digital ag strategy?  

How is today's weather affecting this season’s yield? 


What decisions can be made better if you had continuous year-round yield estimation several months before harvest?  

What actions would you take today if you knew peak TCH (Tons of Cane per Hectare) / TSH (Tons of Sugar per Hectare) several months before harvest? 

Would you like to identify and quantify yield factors, so that you know what's in your control to improve yield the following season? 

What can you do to optimize TCH and TSH over the next 3-5 seasons?

How should your planning, budgeting and forecasting change in response to drought, flood, or adverse economic conditions?   

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We Help You Develop And Operationalize Your Digital Ag Strategy

Digital Harvest delivers analytics for your organization, no matter where you are in your digital ag strategy. From simple monitoring of growth stages, field and mill level yield estimations, optimizing harvest schedule, irrigation, and crop rotation plans.

Your on-the-ground data combined with modern satellite and climate data as well as plant models help us to provide better data, more accurate in time, and in space with every new season.

Mills Can Start At Any Phase And Be On An Upward Path To Optimization

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