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Answering Quantitative Questions

In all agricultural operations, the combination of high uncertainty, varying cost factors, and changing markets cause frequent and rapid feedback style of operation management.  In sugarcane, the multi-seasonality of the crop further complicates and clouds decision-making, prompting executives and field managers to routinely need answers to questions such as: 

How do we implement a digital Ag strategy when we have incomplete or low-quality data?

What is the mill and field level TCH (Total Cane per Hectare) and TSH (Total Sugar per Hectare) for the upcoming harvest season?

If there is another drought like last year, what is the impact on this season’s yield?

How do we estimate the impact of a field action BEFORE we commit to doing it?

What is the multi-year plan for optimal harvest scheduling, irrigation, fertilization, or crop rotation?

Our Journey

Since 2014 Digital Harvest has been delivering

quantitative answers to these questions to sugar mills on 3 continents, and understand there are significant differences in practice - in different climates and economies - but some of these differences function to increase the potential value of our predictive analytical approach.


Digital Harvest desires to apply significant expertise in sugarcane data analytics in the top sugarcane-producing countries. We have engaged sugarcane growers in the US, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, and understand there are significant differences in practice - in different climates and economies.

Meet The Team

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Young Kim



Young is an entrepreneur who has been building technology companies for over twenty years in the fields of Aerospace, Semiconductors, Robotics, and Software.  

He believes agriculture should be as precise and data-driven as the Aerospace industry. 

Young is an avid golfer - although his scores say otherwise. 

Jeff Ely

Project Strategist


Jeff is an aerospace engineer turned earth scientist. Prior to Digital Harvest, Jeff worked with NASA earth science applications, where he advised science teams on application of earth science data to agriculture and water resource management.


He’s a prolific learner and explorer of ideas.

Eugenia Inzaugarat, PhD

Data Scientist

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eugenia is a data scientist who loves to find answers to questions using data and machine learning.


She obtained a PhD from the University of Buenos Aires and has taught courses in math, biology, and data science.


When not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, drawing and traveling.

Chris McDonald

Data Scientist

North Dakota

Chris graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Electrical Engineering.


He grew up farming with his family in North Dakota and now has a hobby farm with his wife Alysia.


When he is not working he enjoys tending to his garden and livestock.

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Stephan Meyer, PhD

Senior Project Manager

New York

Stephan received his BS degree in Medical Microbiology in England, then returned to Germany to study Neuroscience at the Max Planck Society.  Stephan applied his science and engineering background to commercial agricultural forecasting, focusing on satellite data to build models for the ESA.  


Stephan owns one tractor but no field.

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Faraz Rahman

Data Scientist

Bangalore, India

Faraz is a Mechanical Engineer turned Data Scientist who loves technical challenges that never let her settle in her comfort zone. She has experience in Project Planning and Analytics in industries like Defense Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Education. 

Faraz is a fitness enthusiast that loves to cook Indian food in her spare time.

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Vitaly Redkin

Senior Software Engineer

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Vitaly studied Computer Science at the Kharkiv Aviation Institute in Ukraine. He's developed software in a wide variety of industries and states the most intimidating bug report he's ever gotten with started with "When we installed your application on the NASA server..."


Vitaly enjoys reading books about fiction and history and spending time with his wife in Turkey every few months and keep his wife out of trouble.

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Elisabeth Strunk

Backend Software Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

Elisabeth grew up in Germany as the oldest of three sisters. She craves the challenge of puzzles and engineering, earning her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and then a Master's in both Electrical Engineering and Infomation Technology. In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious VDE Award for her Master Thesis about modular controller software for a car-like robot.


During her free time, Elisabeth travels from island to island in Greece with her jazz band and play for the harbors. She loves gardening, and is a huge fan of Science Fiction.

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Danfeng Lu

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Adelaide, Australia

Lu received a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from Peking University. He likes to solve big problems using mathematics and software. 

He and his wife recently to Australia.  His wife’s dream of owning a small farm has become more realistic.

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