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Multi-year Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule for U.S. Sugar

U.S. Sugar selects Digital Harvest to deliver a Multi-year Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule integrated with an Optimized Planting and Crop Rotation Schedule.

Derek Pridgen, Vice President of Agricultural Operations said ‘The unique capability of Digital Harvest is its deep sugarcane expertise. We’ve been a customer of Digital Harvest since 2014. Being able to optimize both planting and harvest schedules over multiple seasons is a very complex problem that has not been solved. Such a solution, if realized, will provide a multi-million dollar benefit to our operations each year. Hence, we are sharing as much internal sugarcane production knowledge as possible so that Digital Harvest can deliver a solution that can be operationalized’.

Young Kim, CEO of Digital Harvest said ‘U.S. Sugar is one of the most technically sophisticated sugarcane operations in the world. They have the resources to work with any data analytics provider, yet continue to deepen the relationship by working with us. We look forward to deploying our most advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics over U.S. Sugar’s fields in the near future.’

U.S. Sugar is the one of the largest producers of sugarcane and cane sugar in the U.S. farming over 80,000 Ha in Florida. They use the latest science and technology to produce the best sugar and healthiest crops. Employing advanced practices in planting, harvesting, transportation, and processing allows them to maximize their crops and protect the environment.

Digital Harvest is a sugarcane-specific data analytics company delivering its digital solutions to sugarcane mills and farmer organizations in more than 10 countries around the globe.


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