Visible Harvest

A web application used by our costumers to view quantitative information about their fields. These analytics are shown in graphs, tables and maps.

There's no need for you to install any hardware in your fields nor install new software in your computer or IT system.

Visible Harvest comes with a suite of tools to adapt to your existing workflow. 


Data Digitization

Maintain and onboard your field polygons, harvest dates,  yield tonnage, irrigation and fertilizer records and cut numbers. We can bulk upload high volume of field records  or upload data for selected fields directly into Visible Harvest.


Your data is always secure.


Field Monitoring

Monitor growth trends for all of your fields, see the impact from water-related conditions such as drought stress and changes in soil moisture, severe weather events such as high winds or freezing temperatures.  Easily upload field inspection observations and quickly share it with all production teams. 


Set alerts to trigger whenever there's a drop in the field's canopy health.  


Predictive Analytics

Visualize predictive field and mill level TCH/TCA and TSH/TSA, date of peak TCH/TCA and TSH/TSA, quantify yield impact from drought or floods, or field stress such as from disease or pest pressures.    

*TSH/A: Tons of Sugar per Hectare/Acres. *TCH/A: Tons of Cane per Hectare/Acres.



Set Alerts

Set alerts of your processes and know when a field is reaching a defined yield level or the soil moisture is below a preset number.


Create Report

Create reports for specific fields and share that information with your field team or management just by sharing a text link.


Manage Operations

Predict date of peak TCH/TSH, prioritize harvest based on maturity, identify which fields are under performing.



Mill specific yield optimized harvest schedule or irrigation plan to maximize TSH. Compare and prioritize  infrastructure investments.

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