Path to Optimization

Use Visible Harvest and let's walk together on our 3 step path to Optimization.


Detect & Decide

Field Monitoring

Remotely monitor field performance, see the effects of recent weather events, identify low-performance fields, know field-level water potential, and climatic data.

Predictive Analytics

Mill and Field level predictive yield estimation, know date of peak TSH, quantify yield impact from weather conditions or field stress.


Send various field data reports: Fields that are under-performing or approaching peak TCH/A, or fields that require in-season corrective action, etc. 

Alerts Toolkit

Indicate which fields are entering drought stress, approaching maximum yield or sucrose content, sudden change in field health, etc.

*TSH/A: Tons of Sugar per Hectare/Acres.

*TCH/A: Tons of Cane per Hectare/Acres.

We just need your field boundaries to get started.

Max Yield Alert

56/250 fields are approaching max TSH in 4 weeks.

Lower Yield Estimation Error

With DH at tier 1 you start with field level error of less than ~18% 

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Why's and What if's?

You get all of Tier 1 Tools plus.

Be able to answer the why’s and what if’s.

Why is this season yield lower than the previous one?

What is the impact on yield if harvest season was shortened/extended by 1 month?

Simulate and compare different cultivation scenarios then select the most desired option before committing to field action.

Identification and quantification of yield contributing factors at the field level.

Collaborate with DH to improve predictive accuracy then run simulations of your fields.

Simulate and compare different scenarios to make more informed data-driven decisions.

Lower Yield Estimation Error

Tier 2 becomes possible with field level error between 14 to 10%.



You get all of Tier 1 and 2 Tools plus:

Customized optimization plans based on your mill priorities.

Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule

Plow older stubble or keep it in production for another year?  

Irrigation plan to achieve peak TSH/TSA*

Crop rotation plan

Fertilization plan

Prioritize infrastructure Investment

Upgrade mills (TCD) total daily grinding capacity.

Improve logistics (#Machinery, road improvement, etc).

Balance near and long term ROI.

Quantify trade-off between CapEx and OpEx  investments.

*TSH/TSA: Tons of Sugar per Hectare/Acres.

Collaborate with DH for 2-3 seasons to further improve predictive accuracy, then start Optimization.

Maximize returns over the entire crop cycle from plant cane to 4th-6th stubble

Lower Yield Estimation Error

Tier 3 becomes possible with field level error under 10%


Let's get you started on your path to Optimization today.

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