Backend Software Engineer

About You:

You’re naturally inquisitive and a prolific learner. You take the initiative to ask questions and find answers. You have a background that includes some if not most of the following:

Tech familiarity:

● Python web application frameworks (Flask, SQLAlchemy) and REST principles

● Database design, ETL, ORM and/or SQL interface, and performance optimization.

● Linux on Amazon web services (AWS) EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, etc.

● Continuous integration and deployment, environment management, containerization, and processing task management systems

● Git version control.

● Unit testing and integration testing principles and python frameworks. ● Geospatial data formats, standards, and operations.

● Python GIS libraries (gdal, ogr, geoalchemy2, fiona, shapely, rasterio).

Interest and/or experience in:

● Agronomy, horticulture, soil science, hydrology, weather and climate, botany and phenology, or any other agriculturally relevant field.

● Remote sensing techniques derived data and the underlying physics. ● Reading scientific journals and converting research methods into code.

● Creating and maintaining code with an elegant logical structure.

Essential Functions: 

A Backend Software Developer at Digital Harvest builds, improves, deploys, and monitors applications to accelerate customer advancement along the agriculture digitization roadmap and support the data science team

● Collaboratively define outward DH API behaviors


● Build internal data flows, structures, and storage schema to support both internal and public APIs according to defined outward behavior.


● Prioritize feature development tasks to meet delivery schedules.


● Evaluate, and optimize performance of database operations and architecture.


● Maintain and develop multiple unit and integration testing, development, and production branches of git repositories.


● Manage internal pipelines from public and private data sources, including remote sensing data, weather data, and soil data in tabular and GIS raster and vector formats.


● Develop new routines for the ingestion of new data sources into pipelines as needed.


● Build conceptual models to demonstrate a problem-solving methodology.


● Write maintainable code with concise supporting external and internal documentation.

Critical Requirements: 

● A Bachelors or advanced degree in an analytical field

● The ability to work effectively remotely as part of a team

● Fluency in the English language

● Fluency in Python 3


Additional Considerations:

● Fluency in a 2nd+ language.


Travel: 5-10%  Location: Full-time remote work, near-global flexibility on location.

● Must have access to reliable broadband internet with speeds sufficient to perform duties and participate in high def video conferencing frequently. How to Apply: Send resume to

How to Apply:

Send resume to