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Explore your yield optimized harvest schedule with interactive maps

Experience the power of interactive maps to visualize your yield optimized harvest schedule. With a simple click, you can zoom, rotate, and hover over any field to view its ranking.

This visualization tool offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to swiftly identify the location of your fields and determine the optimal harvest order to maximize biomass or sugar yield. Additionally, it simplifies logistic planning by providing clear insights into the distances between fields. Furthermore, sharing this map with your field teams or management is effortless—just share the hyperlink.

Achieve a yield gain of 1% to 3% (biomass or sugar) compared to your original harvest schedule with Digital Harvest.

To provide a simple example, let's say you achieve a 1% additional yield across 10,000 hectares of sugarcane with fields averaging 100 tons of cane per hectare (TCH). This would result in an extra $400,000 USD (assuming a price of $40 USD per ton) while maintaining your current grinding rate, equipment, and harvest teams.

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