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Customized and crop-specific solutions

We embrace a hands-on, customer-centric approach, collaborating closely with field workers, managers, and agronomists to gather valuable insights and deliver customized solutions that align with your short-term and long-term objectives.

Our solutions are categorized into three main areas: Field Monitoring, Predictive Models, and AI-Driven Optimization. These categories are designed to help you mitigate risks associated with climate uncertainty, make new informed, profit-driven decisions, and streamline and reduce transaction costs.

Cloud-free satellite data

Obtain consistent, year-round crop insights with no data gaps, enabling data-driven and actionable field decisions.

Micro-level weather forecast

Access historical and forecasted weather information for precipitation and temperature at the field level. Get insights for up to 6+ months into the future.

Effortless data access

We provide seamless access to your monitoring data through GIS softwares, web browsers, or tabular formats for swift identification of fields requiring attention.

Digital A/B testing

Experiment with various fertilization, irrigation, weather and variety scenarios to predict outcomes and optimize your field decisions.

Predictive models

Access highly accurate yield predictions for biomass, sugar, fresh fruit bunches, and paddy yields using our crop-specific custom models. Rely on consistent performance,  unaffected by weather changes year after year.

AI-Driven optimization

Collaborate with us to customized AI-driven optimization solutions for your specific needs —whether it's fertilization, water, harvest schedule or even crop rotation/renovation schedules.

Solutions for unplanned events

From unpredictable weather conditions to logistics challenges, our data-driven insights equip you to respond optimally to these and more unplanned events to minimize losses and protect your harvest.

Optimize field operations with our satellite monitoring, predictive models, and AI-driven solutions for efficient planning, cost reduction, and increased profits

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