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Actionable Solutions for Sugarcane

Digital Harvest utilizes a proprietary methodology that combines plant biophysics, machine learning, and remote sensing to predict crop performance with great accuracy. Our crop-specific solutions aim to increase your profits and provide a high return on investment through harvest and planting optimizations.


Our unique approach has enabled us to successfully address complex challenges for enterprise clients across three continents, including sugarcane mills and large farmer organizations.


We are proud to be the pioneers of four solutions:

Pre-season Yield Estimation

Our yield estimation models provide an accuracy rate of over 95%, making them highly valuable and useful for the sugarcane industry. These models have been developed to ensure consistent performance year after year, regardless of any weather changes.

Continuous Field-Level Yield Estimation

With our Continuous Field-Level Yield Estimations for TCH and TSH, you can access growth curves for each field, enabling you to identify which fields are being harvested near peak TCH or TSH and which ones have potential for improvement. This information allows you to optimize your harvest schedule and achieve maximum yield potential.

Optimized Harvest Schedule

Our Optimized Harvest Schedule is customized to meet the unique requirements of your mill, providing significant yield gains compared to your previous schedule and resulting in increased tons of sugarcane harvested. Our services deliver a minimum 3x Return On Investment to our customers. You can choose to optimize the schedule for either TCH or TSH.

Action Plan for Unplanned Events

Our services provide you with actionable and clear data and insights that help mitigate yield losses caused by unforeseen events, such as extreme weather conditions, damaging winds, unusual frosts, and unexpected drought conditions. By using our data and insights, you can take proactive measures to minimize yield losses.

Transform Your Operations: 3 Steps to Optimize with Digital Harvest


Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule

 3-5x ROI 


Multi-Year Yield Optimized Harvest Schedule

 5-7x ROI 


Optimized Crop Rotation Schedule

 +7x ROI 

Stop leaving yield on your fields!

Take your sugarcane operations to the next level by registering for our trial period. With our solutions, you can improve your yield estimation accuracy, identify peak TCH or TSH for all your fields, access actionable plans to increase your yield, and measure your Return On Investment.


Experience the benefits of our sugarcane-specific solutions on your own fields and optimize your decision-making process to unlock the full potential of your sugarcane fields. Sign up for our trial period today!

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