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Remote Field Monitoring+

Our Remote Field Monitoring+ tools allow us to collaborate closely with our enterprise customers to create customized data solutions specific to their crops, providing actionable insights and high economic return.

With a special focus on water management, nutrient inputs, and sampling costs, our tools are designed to help reduce your overall costs. By leveraging our tools, you can gain answers to critical questions such as "What occurred?" and "Why did it occur?" This enables you to take informed actions to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Advanced Cloud Masking Algorithm

We have developed an advanced cloud masking algorithm to deliver cloud-free and easy-to-understand satellite images, without overwhelming you with interpretation. This enables our customers to make informed decisions and take action in their fields throughout the year.

Enhanced Field Health Monitoring Access

We've improved how our customers access their field health monitoring data. Managing large areas can be challenging, and visualizing everything in an image can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have introduced a new tabular format that allows you to quickly and easily identify fields with low health to focus your attention on specific fields or regions, ultimately saving you time and effort. 

Track Field Trends and Optimize Management

Gain access to trend analysis over time, providing you with insights to detect potential issues on your fields. This feature allows you to determine if a problem is new or ongoing, and whether it has improved or worsened over time. Additionally, you can assess the effectiveness of inputs you have applied and evaluate if they are producing the expected results. 

Reduce Costs with Field Segmentation

Field Health Monitoring is a valuable tool that enables you to access specific locations on your fields with varying vegetative development, water content, and/or Nitrogen content. By using this feature, you can reduce the number of tissue or soil samples needed, ultimately lowering your costs.

Field Health Monitoring for All Crops


Tree Fruits






Reduce your costs!

Discover the benefits of our field health monitoring solutions with our trial period. Focus your attention, reduce costs, and save time with our comprehensive data, including images, tabular data, trend analysis, and more.

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