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About Digital Harvest

Digital Harvest is revolutionizing the agriculture industry to be precise and data-driven like the aerospace industry. We focus on one crop at a time and have been delivering innovative crop-specific solutions since 2014.


Our advanced technology, data-driven insights and crop-specific approach help us provide unique solutions to our customers worldwide. Join us as we continue to transform the industry.

Meet the Team


Young is an entrepreneur who has been building technology companies for over twenty years in the fields of Aerospace, Semiconductors, Robotics, and Software.  

He believes agriculture should be as precise and data-driven as the Aerospace industry. 

Young is an avid golfer - although his scores say otherwise. 

Young Kim



Chris graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Electrical Engineering.


He grew up farming with his family in North Dakota and now has a hobby farm with his wife Alysia.


When he is not working he enjoys tending to his garden and livestock.

Chris McDonald



Dean obtained a BA in Business from The National College of Ireland before further pursuing a H.Dip. in Computer Science from Griffith College Dublin.


His main areas of interest are backend development, Python, FSF and Linux.


Outside of tech he enjoys travel and reading (philosophy and fiction).

Dean Sherwin



Aleš holds a master's degree in applied physical geography and geoinformatics from the University of Ljubljana.


He specializes in the processing of large amounts of Earth observation data and its dissemination as well as using it for the detection of agricultural, meteorological, and hydrological phenomena.


His free time is dedicated to spending time in nature, mountaineering, caving, and sea kayaking.

Aleš Grlj



Lisa grew up in Germany. She craves puzzles and engineering. She has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's in Electrical Engineering and Infomation Technology. In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious VDE Award for her Master Thesis about modular controller software for a car-like robot.


During her free time, she travels from island to island in Greece with her jazz band. She loves gardening, and is a huge fan of sci-fi.

Elisabeth Strunk


Marty graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Masters degree in Geomatics. He has a deep interest in natural systems and enjoys creative problem solving.

Marty is an avid weather watcher and in his spare time he is working on a science fiction novel series.

Marthinus Van Der Walt




Carlos has a bachelor's degree in Design. He has been working and specializing in marketing and digital communications. One of his goals is to pursue a master's degree related to marketing and business.

He's creative and enjoys applying his experience to solving all kinds of marrketing challenges. 

When he's not at work he likes to work out, travel and enjoys photography. 

Carlos Cordova


Meet our Global Advisors


Agricultural Engineer from Veracruzana University, with a postgraduate degree in Management and Exploitation of Sugarcane Agrosystems and a Doctorate of Agricultural Sciences from the Agricultural University of Havana, Cuba.


For 35 years, he was responsible for the production of cane in two sugar mills in Veracruz, Mexico.​ From 2013 - 2018, was president of the Association of Sugar Technicians of Mexico.

Dr. Israel Juárez



Mechanical Engineer with 23 years of experience in the commercial part of forklift equipment and storage systems for Distribution Centers in Valle del Cauca - Colombia.

  Business Advisor and Business Engineer at Carvajl Espacios for 18 years and 5 years at DHS Distributions in the city of Cali - Colombia.

Hector Camacho



Doctor of Natural Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.


Involved in the Thai sugarcane industry since 1992. Member of the Agricultural Research Group, National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)

​Past Vice President of R&D Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Center​ and Committee Member of Thai Society of Sugar and Cane Technologists (TSSCT)

Dr. Pipat Weerathaworn



Hadi holds a Bachelor of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne. 

He has been working and delivering technology services to the Indonesian sugarcane industry for almost a decade.  Hadi is a trusted advisor to leading sugar mills in Indonesia.  He believes data analytics could transform Indonesian agriculture and be more environmentally sustainable.

Hadi Kurnia Chandra



"Digital Harvest, Inc. is blazing a trail for the future of farming"

DH is one of the 47 companies that got selected out of 630 applicants from 61 countries to be part of the best-resourced accelerator in clean energy and climate tech.

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